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A New Year's Revolution: Raising Money for a Motorcycle Adventure with Purpose

"Ride Motorcycle - Will travel to Save the World". That's pretty much the M.O. at Respectful Revolution and the reason why we just had a big FUN(d)raiser party at HONDA Motorsports in our hometown of Chico CA. We had much to share beyond beer and excellent live music. Now in its 6th year, RR is evolving towards vlogging, a hipper style and more popular themes, still within the context of doing good for the world. At the party, we premiered a much anticipated video about the visionary founder of Sierra Nevada Brewery, Mr. Ken Grossman, hosted for the first time by RR co-founder Stacey Wear. This present video however is a vlog format, or "Motolog" hosted by RR's other founder Gerard Ungerman.
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