About the Project

Focused for now on the U.S., the Respectful Revolution creates short video portraits of people who are taking action to help build a happier, more sustainable society.

We crisscross the U.S. mostly by motorcycle—we appreciate fuel efficiency as well as adventure. We research, produce, film and curate all our own videos. To date, our team has produced over 200 stories, many of which are now being featured on national television. You can find our original half-hour series on Free Speech TV.

We feel these stories need to be told so that the actions of these individuals, families, groups and businesses can be seen, used for inspiration and replicated, hopefully on a scale that will create meaningful change in our world.

By producing concise, beautiful and encouraging videos, we hope to inform, inspire, and provide examples of behaviors that stand in direct contrast to greed and disrespect.

Our intent is to be inclusive, non-partisan and to cover a wide range of subjects. It is our goal to share these stories in order to uplift and motivate others to make choices that will tangibly move our society towards fostering respect as a fundamental social principle.

In addition to existing online, Respectful Revolution also hosts screenings! We love to create presentations of several related video portraits and follow up with a facilitated discussion. The sharing of ideas!

Take a look and reach out to us. We'd love to hear what's happening in your community. If you like what you see, please consider making a donation—this project is only feasible with your support.

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