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HAVEN OF HOPE ON WHEELS: Shower & Laundry Trailer for the Homeless In Oroville, CA

Cliches about "the homeless" include being dirty, smelling bad, wearing filthy clothes, avoiding contact, looking ashamed and lost... How would any of us feel if we had nowhere to go at night but the street? Add to that no place to shower, no place to wash our clothes...? A kind pastor and his modest but generous congregation in Oroville, CA were well aware of that vicious cycle and they decided to take action. Against all odds, Pastor Kevin Thompson, his wife Deborah and the Number One Church of God In Christ gathered the means to create a truly amazing project: they call it the "HAVEN OF HOPE ON WHEELS". Picture a super sweet trailer unit with showers and laundry facilities that goes out into the community to offer these simple but indispensable services to the poorest among that we often take for granted. The results are phenomenal.
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